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Getting the best deal on a loan can save you lots of money and this site is all about helping you manage your money better. If you already have loans there is a fair chance that they could be costing you more than they should. Use the loan interest table below to find the best mortgage rate for you. Use our loan calculator to easily compare various options .

Fixed or floating interest rates – say goodbye to low rates?.

It is now generally expected that the Reserve Bank will hold the OCR  in the short term before beginning to start increasing it during the year.

Most banks have now started to move both the floating and fixed rates upwards and so it could be a good time  to lock in a long term fixed rate.

Compare Bank Home Loan Rates

Bank Floating 1 Year 2 Years 5 Years
ASB 5.80 4.45 4.74 5.69
Kiwibank 5.70 4.45 4.79 5.99
BNZ 5.90 4.99 5.29 6.09
Westpac 5.95 4.99 5.29 6.09
ANZ 5.79 5.05 5.35 6.09