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Getting the best deal on a loan or the best interest on your investments can save you lots of money and this site is all about giving you the information to help you manage your money better. If you already have loans there is a fair chance that they could be costing you more than they should and by looking at the simple tables in the Money Market website you will quickly be able to see what else is available.

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In our investing section we have the latest information on the best interest rates the banks and finance companies are offering plus links to help you calculate the latest currency exchange rates. We also have a section to help those people thinking about retirement to help you calculate how much you need to live comfortably in your retirement. For many people this includes investing in the Kiwi Saver scheme and we also have information to let you compare the performance of the different finance company providers for the scheme.

For those who invest in the share market we provide links to the daily buy and sell prices and for the experienced stock traders we also offer a book describing a very successful stock trading system we have developed.

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